About Us

About Us

History of The Color Run

Founded in 2011, THE COLOR RUN was the world’s first COLOR 5K event. Travis Snyder has created an event that is accessible to everyone, regardless of experience, level of training in running.

The first „THE COLOR RUN” event was organized in January 2012 in Phoenix, USA.

In 2013, there were more than 100 stations and 1 million participants included at different locations.

In 2018, six years later, there are more than 60 countries in 200 cities are included,

and the number of participants exceeds 7 million per year, who has experienced the feeling of The Color Run.

This is the world’s largest running festival today.

It has been held in Hungary since 2013, and every year more and more participants are expanding the event in running through colores „bombes”.

What is The Color Run?

It’s not a competition, it’s a special running festival!

In gener

In general, more than half of the participants in their lives meet the 5 km distance for the first time at this event, which is not regulated by any time constraint. Thanks to the color cradle, the joy, and the festival atmosphere, it will create an unforgettable experience for everyone who becomes a participant. The slogan is not accidentally “Happiest 5K on the Planet,” “the happiest 5 kilometers of the planet”! You don’t have to be an athlete to convey The Color Run. Some people is running because of the complete distance, others for self-directed goals, many simply want to spend a good outdoor time with others.

Upon arrival the runners are in white t-shirts. At the warm up the crazyness will start by getting colored from top to bottom, with different colors (natural, artificial additive-free, water-based) powders, making every participant more colorful.

Participants in The Color Run’s colors and costumes will be rewarded with an Unicorn official entry medal! During the event, we will give everyone the opportunity to have fun also for the whole day with concerts and other programs, so before, during and after the run you will spend your time great.

Social responsibility

Please note that by enrolling on this running course you will be giving a hand to help others.
The Color Run is not just for you, but also premature babies this time.
So you can become a HERO, with you helping them, give them a chance to have the same opportunties than others.
This year, we support the Early Intensive Department of Károlyi Sándor Hospital in Baross Street.
Tenyérnyi Gyerekek Alapítvány For Kids For Pregnant Children Foundation

http://tenyernyigyerekek.hu/ , https://www.facebook.com/tenyernyigyerekek/
We help them with our revenue and we also working together with the Suhanj Foundation. http://www.suhanj.hu/
Since our start in 2013 in Hungary we have worked with several foundations and helped them with your help too. We also cooperated with the Weisz Fanni Foundation, the and the Pető Institute.