An environmentally conscious, responsible event.

We want to ensure that the organizers and participants of the running competitions and running festivals think environmentally and reach the goal of fully environmentally friendly sports events.

THE COLOR RUN Hungary is committed to the important goal of finding as many solutions as possible with the use of recyclable and recycled products, complementary tools, and the selective collection of waste generated.

But this initiative alone is not enough. For this to happen, in the coming years, both participants and partners need to work together!

Great entertainments and fun should not keep back from environmental behavior and also to respect our environment, thus avoiding littering and the proper use of off-site selective waste bins. Let’s work together for a clean, livable environment! We will place selective waste bins at the festival area for systematic collection of waste, paying special attention to the bags of the starter pack.

Please dispose of the refreshing cups and / or 100% recyclable bottles and other waste on arrival at the on-site waste bin.

We will also place waste bins on the runway at the refreshment point. Dispose the waste generated during the run either to the bins on Margaret Island or to the waste bins at the refreshment point, thank you!