Social and Eco Responsibility

Social and eco-responsibility

We place great emphasis on SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, including support, also for Climate and Nature Protection.

We provide free participation to the people with altered viability also we invite their companions,so that they too can experience the “Color Run” without feeling discriminated.

From theprice of the tickets payed, we plant trees and also we support organizations of our choice in several ways. Among these we also supporting with on-site relocation, appearing in our marketing campaigns too.

With a little attention and more environmentally conscious thinking, we can do a lot for our present and our future.

The stake is the future of the earth and thus our own future.

We also have a responsibility to our land, to the proper living conditions of future generations.

Therefore, in 2019 we dreamed a big GREEN dream and invented that The Color Run ™ in Hungary should be the GREENEST RUNNING EVENT, reduce the biological footprint.

We consider the protection of the environment and the protection of our land to be of paramount importance. To this end, we will do our utmost to make the green event a reality. We are trying to completely eliminate the use of plastics. If its use cannot be avoided, we only use products from a company that can be recycled.

We collect the waste selectively, for which we also ask you to help us with our work and, with this in mind, throw the waste in the appropriate collection container.

We are proud that our idea, which came to life in 2019, has been followed by other running companies and has already taken a small step to reduce the use of plastics. We hope this trend will continue, be taken seriously, not only used as a marketing ploy, it will be widespread in terms of events as well, and others will take real steps to do so.